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10 Feb 2017

Meet Sarah – 2017 Road Warrior

I firmly believe that goals do not change, only the timeline for completing them changes.”

In 2016, Sarah adjusted her timeline for achieving one very ambitious goal – being a 2016 River Bank Run 25K Road Warrior. All was going well until she injured herself while training. After a Hills & Hops workout her coaches advised to halt her goal of completing the 25K due to her injuries. She was devastated. The devastation didn’t arise from physical pain, but rather she felt as though she was returning to an older version of herself.

Sarah does not describe herself as a “traditional runner.” Prior to taking up running Sarah weighed in at over 400 pounds. Then one day everything changed – she was inspired to start running.

“I have no idea where this thought came from as “running” was not a word in my vocabulary. But the next thing I knew, I was increasing the speed on the treadmill and I was running! It only lasted about 30 seconds, but those 30 seconds had a huge impact on my life. Surgery was the moment I saved my life; running is when I started to live my life,” said Sarah.

Running for those thirty seconds opened a whole world of possibilities. Sarah was a River Bank Run Road Warrior in 2016 and is returning in 2017! River Bank Run Road Warriors are chosen by a panel of judges after personal interviews. Road Warriors represent the run at local community events and take to social media to share their thoughts on training for long distances.

Sarah hopes to inspire others in their journey to try something they didn’t believe was possible. Even when life gets in the way, it’s possible to achieve your goals!

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