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18 Nov 2016

Fashion, Food and Fundraising with jb and me

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Our partnership with jb and me is one I hold close to my heart. When I started at Van Andel Institute as a Purple Community intern, this was my very first solo event.  I worked directly with the store managers and owners to bring a new event to life.

Last Friday our Purple Community Team gathered with friends, family and the jb and me community for the 2nd Annual Purple Community Fashion Event and it was incredible to watch it unfold for another wonderful evening.

Jb and me is a boutique with two locations – Holland and Grand Rapids, Michigan. The mother-daughter duo, Maribeth Van Zalen and Jamie Grasman, are the founders and owners of jb and me. Both of these ladies have enormous hearts for the communities they serve and we couldn’t be more grateful for their generosity.

15% of sales from Friday’s event will be donated to Van Andel Institute for cancer research. They will also be contributing proceeds from ticket sales and the raffle.

Their wonderful Grand Rapids managers, Kendra and Kelly, made sure all those who volunteered their time as models for the evening felt beautiful from head to toe, inside and out.

As shoppers poured in they were greeted with warm smiles and the smell of hot cocoa. We all took part in devouring the mashed potato bar and beverages to keep our energy up for an evening of laughter and excitement.

Raffle prizes from the evening included a pair of purple Ray Bans, a beautiful beaded dress, tons of fall boots, denim, a $250 gift card, new Purple Community merchandise and several other prizes.

The Holland store even joined in on the fun by collecting donations and raising awareness leading up to the event.

Thank you jb and me for your partnership, we appreciate your kind hearted staff and hospitality. This year was even better than last year and we cannot wait to see how this event will continue to grow and change in the future!