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6 Jun 2016

Duncan Lake Middle School raises over $100,000 for Purple Community

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Today we stand in awe of what a small group of middle school students in Caledonia have been able to accomplish over the last seven years. What started as an $8,000 school-wide fundraiser in 2010 has now grown into what was this year, a $26,000 mega walk to fight cancer!

Each year, the student council of Duncan Lake Middle School brings the school together for fundraising activities that range from craft sales, jousting in hallways, shaving teachers’ heads and throwing pies in teachers’ faces. All of these activities culminate during a day of walking, at the Duncan Lake Middle School Cancer Walk. Each grade marches together for an hour as they honor and remember those in their lives that have fought or continue to fight cancer.

This year’s event was exceptionally important, as the students had challenged themselves to surpass the $100,000 mark for total fundraising over the years. It is safe to say they blew that goal out of the water, raising a grand total of over $101,470 to date!

Purple Community and Van Andel Institute (VAI) is honored to partner with these inspiring and incredibly dedicated students every year to raise money and support cancer research happening here, at VAI. Thank you for all your passion, support and hard work over the years Duncan Lake Middle School!

Check out the video below for more of the students’ journey.