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Join us Saturday, October 8 at 8:30 am for a 5K that’s making a difference right here in Grand Rapids!! 100% of race registration goes directly to fund Breast Cancer Research at the Van Andel Institute.

Get registered by Sept. 25 for our in-person 5K run or walk, or participate virtually to receive this year’s super soft race shirt!




Join us for a NEW, family-friendly event this year. Teams of four will vie to be named our 2022 Bee Brave Puzzle Masters! Teams will begin assembling their puzzle promptly at 10:15 am and will have 2 hours to finish their 500-piece puzzle. All teams will have the same puzzle!

When: March 12, 2022, Check-in will begin at 10:00AM.  Event begins promptly at 10:15AM

Where: Princeton Church Atrium (5330 Kalamazoo Ave SE, Grand Rapids, MI 49508)

Cost: $40 total for a team of 4

Snacks: Coffee & donuts provided

In-Person Rules & Regulations:

  • All Teams will work on a copy of the same puzzle. Teams get to keep the puzzle they worked on.
  • Contestants will be given their puzzle at check in.
  • No early starts! If you open and/or begin your puzzle before the start of the contest you will be disqualified.
  • Hands only! The use of any puzzle tools, cutting devices, flashlights or phones is grounds for disqualification.
  • Judges will be monitoring the area and watching as teams get close to finishing. When your team is close to finishing, raise your hand and a judge will come to your table to watch you finish and record your time. If a judge is unable to get to your table when you finish, please record your own time on the time card provided at your table.
  • Teams not finished in the 2-hour allotted time will be asked to count the pieces left to determine placement if needed.
  • Winners will be announced immediately following the competition.
  • In the event a team member cannot finish the competition, teams are allowed to continue with a smaller team.


About Bee Brave

Bee Brave is more than just a few events throughout the year to raise money for local breast cancer research. Throughout the last 15 years, it has grown to become a community of like-minded individuals who are passionate about raising breast cancer awareness, supporting fighters and honoring those whose battle has ended. Bee Brave is a haven of hope for those who need it, a home in which to share their courageous stories, as well as a place to celebrate the victories and triumphs over breast cancer.

What makes Bee Brave unique?

Bee Brave is different because 100% of the money raised stays in Grand Rapids, Michigan! But that’s not all:

  • 100% of Bee Brave events are organized by volunteers and supported by local business sponsors who are dedicated to finding a cure.
  • 100% of race registration goes directly to breast cancer research at Van Andel Institute.

Since Bee Brave began partnering with Van Andel Institute in 2016, the group has raised over $487,570 for breast cancer research in Grand Rapids. That simply would not have been possible without the support of our local business sponsors and the volunteers who give countless hours to this cause. None of Bee Brave’s incredible volunteer organizers receive a paycheck from the organization, because they would rather see every single dollar be used for research!

Bee Brave is proud to partner with Van Andel Institute Purple Community, VAI’s grassroots community awareness and fundraising program that connects individuals, schools, teams and businesses to the resources needed to join the fight against cancer and neurodegenerative diseases like Parkinson’s. Individualized tools and customized assistance are available to create events and programs that help raise funds for biomedical research at the Institute. When you fundraise through VAI Purple Community, your efforts go further. Thanks to a generous endowment from Jay and Betty Van Andel, every dollar of every donation goes directly to the cause.

Click on the photos below to check out Bee Brave’s events!

How can I connect?

We invite you to connect with us and become a part of our Bee Brave community! Our annual events include a golf outing, wine and beer fest, and of course the Bee Brave 5K run/walk. More information can be found below.

You can also follow Bee Brave on social media at  Bee Brave 5K Run/Walk   @BeeBrave5K   @beebrave5k

Volunteer for Bee Brave

We NEED YOU! We will need upwards of 25 more volunteers this year. It would also be helpful if you all could use the philosophy, “Each one, Reach one,” and invite a reliable friend to join in you volunteering. We will need upwards of 25 more volunteers this year. We are praying that you can make it and consider asking a friend or two to join you!

Our volunteers are VERY important to the success of our events, so we are excited that you are looking at this information while you consider joining the team of volunteers.

To get more information on volunteer opportunities for our events throughout the year, contact us at beebrave5k@gmail.com.


To contact us regarding the Bee Brave 5K Run/Walk:

Email: beebrave5k@gmail.com
Phone: 616.893.1798
Mail: Bee Brave 5K Run/Walk 4800 Broadmoor Ave. SE